Vehicle Owner FAQ's

If my car has been towed, how can I find it?
If your vehicle is missing and you believe it may have been towed, contact your local Police Department on their non-emergency phone number. The Police Department will tell you if your car has been reported as towed by a private towing company. All towing companies are required to report vehicles towed to the local governing police department within 30 minutes of towing the vehicle.
Wyatts Towing also provides a License Plate Lookup Feature. You can find that HERE.
When towed from private property, how much can a tow company charge to release my car?
The maximum towing fees are set by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Information regarding the PUC and towing can be found at this link.
I believe my car was damaged during the tow. What should I do?
Wyatts Towing takes responsibility for our actions, and if we damaged your car, we will repair the damage or pay to have the damage repaired. If you believe that we have damaged your vehicle, please ask the office attendant for a damage claim form. You will be given the opportunity to provide your contact information and describe the alleged damage. You will then be asked to affirm under penalty of perjury that you believe that the towing company caused the damage and that it was not pre-exisitng. Your form will be forwarded to a manager and he will review your claim. He or she will then contact you to inform you of our findings and to discuss the next steps to resolve the matter.
If I return to the property before the tow truck removes my car, do I still have to pay?
Yes, however you can pay only the drop fee if your vehicle hasn’t been removed from the property. The maximum drop fee is set by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and is currently $88.79. The drop fee can be paid by EXACT cash (drivers do no carry cash or change), Visa or Mastercard. If you pay a drop fee and the driver does not provide you with a receipt, please call the office and ask to speak with a manager to report this violation of policy.
Can a tow company only accept cash, and refuse to accept a credit card?
NO. Although some of our competitors accept only cash, Public Utility Commission rules require that non consensual tows can be paid for by Visa and Mastercard as well as Cash. Wyatts towing accepts Visa, Mastercard and cash for payment.